Waar TV Live – راستەوخۆ واار تيڤي

Waar TV

Waar TV is a media institution that is owned by Waar media and Palo Company for Broadcasting and Media. At the request of some intellectuals and writers in Duhok city and with the support of the Kurdistan Regional Government President, this institution was established in 2009. The first product of this institution was Waar daily newspaper, whose first issue was published on October 01, 2009. Located ın Duhok Kurdistan, waar tv drama.
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Kurdsat News كوردسات نيوز راستةوخۆ Live

Kurdsat News HD Live

Kurdsat News Broadcasting Corporation (Kurdish: کوردسات‎ Kurdsat) is the second Kurdish language satellite television station in Iraqi Kurdistan. Broadcasting since 2000. It belongs to the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) and is based in Sulaymaniyah.
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