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Kurdsat TV – کوردسات تیڤی راستەوخۆ

Kurdsat TV Broadcasting Corporation is a Kurdish satellite television station. Canal based in South Kurdistan which belongs to Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK). The Television broadcasts streams in Kurdish language.

Kurdi: پەخشی ڕاستەوخۆی کەناڵی کوردسات / كوردسات لە کوردتیڤیس ببینە کە لەساڵی ٢٠٠٠ دامەزراوە دوەمین کەناڵی کوردییە لەم ساتەوە تا ئێستا بەرداوامە لە پەخش و پرۆگرامەکانی. Continue reading Watch Kurdsat Tv HD Live on

Put Kurdistan Flag sticker to your websites

Hello dear friends
For whom wants to put website sticker for their websites under the title “Put Kurdistan Flag sticker to your websites”, you can easily put this code into any place after < body> tags in your pages and the sticker will show on your website like follows: sticker for websites

The code:

<a href="" target="_blank"><img style="z-index: 11101; position: fixed; top: 0px; left: 0px;" title="Kurdistan Flag" src="" /></a>

The Kurdistan flag contains of four primary colors.
Red, white, green and the yellow bright sun in the middle, these colors are creates the Flag. Kurds are divided into more than 5 countries in the middle east, Turkey, Iraq, Iran, Syria and Armenia. Kurdish population in these countries estimated as 25- 35 Millions.

The Kurds Somewhere around 25 and 35 million Kurds possess a mountainous locale straddling the fringes of Turkey, Iraq, Syria, Iran and Armenia. They make up the fourth-largest ethnic gathering in the Middle East, however they have never acquired a changeless country state.

Kurdish TV channels DVB-T frequency list and play with VLC player

Kurdish TV channels DVB-T IPTV

Here you can find Kurdish TV channels frequencies on local network for DVB-T system. The channels are received with DVB-T tuner card on Linux operating system with a large DVB-T antenna on the roof. Kurdish TV channels DVB-T local network system.


Used packages: w_scan
w-scan is a small Linux package, used to blind frequency scans for both DVB-T/T2 and ATSC systems.
Easily you can install w_scan with this command:
sudo apt-get install w_scan
sudo apt-get install w-scan

The command line to create VLC playlist:
w_scan -c iq -L > vlc.xspf
-L = VLC xspf playlist
iq = Iraq Country code

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Watch Kara Sevda series on KurdTVs درامای ئاشقی شێتانە بکە

Watch Kara Sevda, دراماکانی کوردماکس Dramay Ashqi Shetana

TV series under the name “دراماکانی کوردماکس” is one of the translated series which showed on Kurdmax tv.

The Kurdmax TV live is a satellite tv channel located in north of Iraq which is called Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

The TV has become very popular in a short time because it’s translated or subtitled Turkish TV series. However the series are not give any beneficial information or good cultural structure. But they have been followed by lots of people around the world and Iraqi Kurdistan population.

Wartch Kara Sevda Series on Kurdmax TV:

سەیری دراماکانی کوردماکس بکە خۆشەویستی شێتانە – ئەشقی شێتانە بکە لە کەناڵی کوردماکس درامای ئاشقی شێتانە یان ئەشقی شێتانە. درامایەکی ژێرنووسکراوی کەناڵی کوردماکسە کە لە سەرەتادا تەنها ژێرنووسی کوردی هەبوو. بەڵام ئێستا دراماکەیان وەرگێراوە بەناوی درامای ئەشقی شێتانە
دراماکانی کوردماکس

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Nrt2 HD Live پەخشی ڕاستەوخۆی کەناڵی ئێن ئار تی

Live TV of Nrt2 HD

NRT2 is a Movie and entertainment TV Channel, Located in Sulaymaniah, Kurdistan Iraq.
Created and Managed by Nalia Media Corporation.
In this channel you can see most of movies with Kurdish subtitles.

NRT2 TV Programms:
Kolanakani Pshtawa, Arka Sokaklar
Dr. Phil, Dktor Fil

کۆلانەکانی پشتەوە، كؤلانةكاني بشتةوة

You can fınd Nrt2 HD Frequency on the link below from original website
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Watch Kurdmax TV HD Zindi Live

is an entertainment satellite television channel located in Hawler Kurdistan. You can watch most of Turkish TV series on this channel.
TV Series:: Hergiz Waz Nahenm, MALÎ ÊME , Mali Eme , Pedagri Ashq,  Parcha Parcha Bun, Reng u Ahang, Mal awa, Guli Rash, Kara Gul.
Watch , Live,  Zindi.

Kurdmax TV Is a Kurdish TV channel, Broadcasts on both Satellite and DVB-T system. Located in Erbil Iraqi Kurdistan


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