Stream your content

Easily cut the cord! Get Lifetime FREE possibility to stream your media and radio content from our strong high quality server.
Streaming your own TV and Radio channels from our server gives you the ability to reach viewers all around the world.
By streaming your channels through our system, all Visitors can watch your channels. Your channel is sure to have high availability no matter how many viewers it has.

Content Policies

Our program has been designed for TV's with premium content. TVs that promote, contain, or link directly to the following types of content shall not be approved.
  • Adult, Pornographic or any illegal content
  • Tobacco, alcohol, ammunition, hazardous substances, illegal drugs, gore, violence, gambling and racism content
  • TVs containing profanity or content that and/or discriminates or is offensive to any section of people
  • Hate, violence, racial intolerance, or advocate against any individual, group, or organization
  • Sale of prescription drugs
  • Sale of counterfeit products, imitations of designer or other goods, stolen items or any products that infringe intellectual property rights of other parties
  • Websites that contain forums, discussion boards, chat rooms, or any content area that is open to public updates without adequate moderation
  • TVs with content that has been generated using computer programs and hence may not be comprehendible.
  • Bulk of the content is user-generated
  • TVs with fake news
  • Any other content that we believe in our sole discretion to be illegal

What is the price?

It is totally free. After approving your TV channel by our moderators, we will give you a input key and streaming link then you can pull your stream(s) to our server.

Additional Features: offers free remote encoder configuration via Teamviewer. provides multi-platform embed code integration for your website with automatic device detection.
Dynamic streaming with no bit rate limitations. Stream at the highest quality that your uplink connection supports.
Streaming platforms support HTTP Live Streaming(HLS).
HD quality. Broadcast in H.264/AAC for the best possible quality and compatibility.
Adaptive Bitrate Streaming (ABR)
Stream your broadcasts and videos using Adaptive Bitrate Streaming and stop worrying about viewers connection speed.

Note: If your are not a TV Owner please do not try to give us a TV or Radio stream, this service is only available for TV & Radio Owners.

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