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Assyria TV
owned by Assyrian Media Institute (AMI). AMI was founded September 24, 2011 and is a self-contained organization. AMI's structure and organization GIVES Assyria TV autonomous and independent status of Protected from pressure, bland Others in one of the most important tasks, namely, to examine the organizations and individuals as influence the decision as Pipes community.

Assyria TV has over until the task of monitoring the issues related with the Assyrian, both in the Assyrian people as in the rest of the world. The aim is that the channel will disseminate information and knowledge, view and CREATE debate.

Assyria TV's ambition is to offer a range of programs as provide space for diversity and divergence of opinions and strive for collaboration in the Assyrian community on common issues. The programs of Assyria TV should be characterized by democratic and humanistic Host, educational aspirations, diversity and quality. The programs tar up issues and perspectives in an impartial and objective way.

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بۆ ئەوەی بەردەوام بین لە خزمەتکردنی ئێوە، تکایە لاپەرەکەمان شێر بکەن